R.DiNunzio Illustrations
Lilly MunsterDevilwomanGoats Head SoupSmoke 'em if you got 'em ( General Ursus)If you want blood.....Shi Geshia from hellThe Frankenstein MonsterEven a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night, may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is brightFrankie's Girl IICreepy Kidz 2011Devilman!Frank & IgorThe BrideLiving Dead GirlGo,go Yokai!Jet BoyThe Avenging God,DaimajinMonster ZeroAnd the winner is......Gas FlaringCensorshipChinaWar of the GargantuasBela LugosiYou're out of the woods.....BaphometIgor and the Monster.Oh Herman!The Monster!The Blood,the blood.....Giganking ghidorahCreature from the Black LagoonThe Phantom CreepsCreepy GirlCreepy KidNeko,nekoMomoBela the Vampire CatThe BrideWolfman,baby!The CreatureSara the BlackRock 'Em Sock 'EmUntitledLady snowbloodKaliHere Neko....Gargantuas!I was a teenage wolfman.Yuki no OnnaInvasion of the Saucer MenSheDaimajin,god of the mountain.Burn, Baby Burn!Hannya - the fury of a woman Frank's girl!The mighty Daimajin!Metaluna
My name is Ralph DiNunzio I'm a Boston based artist and Musician.

As I started to compile artwork for this website I realized just how much my artwork is influenced by my childhood obsessions with Kung Fu and Monster / Kaiju movies. I blame this influence on the syndicated horror show Creature Double Future and Kung Fu Theater and later Japanese anime like Star Blazers,Battle of the Planets and Go Nagai's Force Five ! I'm not sure if this reason people have used my artwork in the past or not but the influence is there.

This website is a mixture of published and non-published artwork. I will be adding some Children's Illustrations in the near future. Enjoy!